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Liberty Trade

Our products reach ports around the world, thanks to our strong partnership with renowned shipping operators.

Working with major airlines, Liberty Trade ensures your goods are delivered quickly and in perfect condition.

We are proud to connect Brazil with the world. Providing high quality food and machinery to many countries, we are a vital link in the global supply chain.



About Us

Liberty Trade Comercial Exportadora LTDA, headquartered in Santa Catarina, is a company firmly rooted in the rich tradition of Brazilian agriculture, but with an eye toward technology and innovation.

We emerged in a technology hub focused on agribusiness and food processing and, since then, we have been committed to providing high quality and competitive products to our global trading partners.

Our products reflect the diversity and richness of Brazilian agriculture and are produced using the most modern food processing technology. With a variety that includes soy and wheat derivatives, sauces, jams and juices, we are proud to bring the flavors of Brazil to the world.

In addition, we are helping to shape the future of agriculture. Our machinery is synonymous with efficiency and innovation, representing Brazil's position as a protagonist in the global agricultural market. At Liberty Trade, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining an ethical and responsible commitment every step of the way.


Agricultural Machinery

Discover the efficiency and innovation of our agricultural machinery, designed to bring the cutting edge of Brazilian technology to the fields of the world.


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We help take your products to everyone.



Total export assistance for micro, small and medium-sized companies in the food industry.



Supervision of records, declarations, export clearance, certificates and knowledge.



Distributors in several countries committed to streamlining the sale of their products on the foreign market.



Products exhibited at the largest food fairs in the world. We have business partners in several countries.


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We understand the importance of exporting and specialize in connecting Brazil with the world, bringing the best of Brazilian food products and agricultural machinery to a variety of international markets.

With a focus on logistical efficiency, competitive prices and commitment to quality, we work to ensure that our customers around the world have access to the best products and services that Brazil has to offer.


Variety of products


Imports are a fundamental engine of the global economy, allowing the entry of a wide range of products and services that increase the diversity of options for consumers and contribute to economic and technological development.

Making it possible to obtain high quality inputs, machines and technologies from other parts of the world.


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